In 2007 the strategic research initiative SHARE, an acronym for “Synergy in Human and Animal Research”, was initiated at the former Faculty of Life Sciences. This initiative seeks to facilitate synergy between research in human and animal diseases in order to develop an innovative and integrated approach aiming at improved drug development and treatments of humans and animals.

In 2008, the former KU faculties LIFE, SCIENCE, and PHARMA introduced under the SHARE umbrella a unique PhD fellowship initiative that aims to promote bridge-building and collaboration between the major stakeholders within translational medicine. The initiative established the concept of inter-facultary PhD fellowships, and quickly expanded to involve also industrial partners.

This has now led to the creation of a second generation SHARE, a research, training and education initiative within translational medicine that crosses the boundaries of faculties, departments and companies. SHARE's cross faculty PhD initiative involves the "wet" faculties of Health Sciences and Dept. of Biology - Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.

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University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universitetsparken 2
2100 Copenhagen

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